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Why Rockford

Forbes recently highlighted Rockford, Illinois as a city thriving in its own reinvention with nearly a billion dollars of both public and private investment in the downtown area surrounding City Stage Studios just in recent years. 

Rockford is simply an easy town to work in. Excellent local food options for catering and dining out, a beautiful hotel mere blocks from the studio, equipment rental houses, simple permitting, and experienced local crew. 

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Rockford is full of resources and yet everything is easily accessible. Stay on schedule with a short predictable drive anywhere in the city. 

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Given that City Stage Studios is located in Illinois, productions filming in our facility can take advantage of the state‚Äôs generous tax incentives. 

  • 30% of the qualified Illinois Production Spending.
    30% credit on Illinois salaries up to $500,000 per worker.
    30% of non-resident labor up to $500,000 per worker in the following positions: Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Production Designer, Costume Designer, Production Accountant, VFX Supervisor, Editor, Composer, Actor for work performed in Illinois. For qualified productions spending $25,000,000 or less, no more than 2 non-resident actors qualify. For qualified productions spending $25,000,000+, no more than 4 non-resident actors qualify. For a television series, qualifying non-resident wages are limited to the entire season.
    Tax credit can be carried forward 5 years from when originally issued by Illinois Film Office/Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity.
    The Illinois Film Tax Credit is currently scheduled for legislative renewal in 2026.
    15% additional credit- applicants will receive an additional 15% tax credit on salaries of individuals (making at least $1,000 in total wages) who live in economically disadvantaged areas whose unemployment rate is at least 150% of the State’s annual average.
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In addition to the stages at City Stage Studios, our directory offers resources for your productions